Days, Dates and Times around the World

Days, Dates and Times around the World

The official day, date and time for all Great Discourses courses, classes and events are the day, date and time in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Chicago is in the USA / Canada Central Time Zone (CT) which is six hours behind Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)*: UTC–0600. East Asia / Australasia days and dates are generally one ahead of USA / Canada days and dates.

PLEASE NOTE: Your local class meeting time may change during a multi-week course if our time zone and/or your time zone transitions to or from Daylight Savings (Summer) Time during the course.

Time Zone Adjustments: 2017

Time zone adjustments in effect for 2017 include:

  • USA / Canada Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time):
12 Mar 05 Nov
  • Mexico Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time):
02 Apr – 29 Oct
  • Europe Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time):
26 Mar – 29 Oct
  • Australia Standard Time (Winter Time):
02 Apr – 01 Oct

See for additional time zone information and for easy-to-use tools to calculate class days, dates and times in various time zones.

* Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), the official world standard, is equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).