Educator Development

Educator Development

Although designing and leading successful collaborative close readings of classics looks deceptively simple when done well, they are in fact highly specialized skills that demand constant honing through practice as well as through increased familiarity with particular bodies of knowledge. Great Discourses is pleased to be able to share its experience and expertise in a variety of ways with other Great Books educators (broadly understood to encompass college and university professors, K-12 teachers, adult educators, administrators, homeschooling parents and others with a serious interest in Great Books education).

Online Professional Development Courses for Educators

Great Discourses offers special professionally designed and led Great Books online discussion courses for Great Books educators. Like most Great Books discussion courses, class sessions revolve around a critical, collaborative discussion of classic texts read in advance. Unlike most other such courses, however, the classic readings in educator courses allow participants to increase their proficiency with one or more aspects of Great Books education (broadly understood). Continuing education units (CEU) are available for most courses.

Personalized Educator Training

In addition to our work with groups in professional development courses, we work one-on-one with individuals interested in building their skills, knowledge and confidence. For more information, please contact us.

Education Management Consulting and Contracting

Educational organizations can tap Great Discourses’ experience and expertise by retaining us as consultants (on either a project or a retainer basis) or by contracting with us to manage some or all of their education management operations. For more information, please contact us.

Join Us!

We invite you to participate in one of our upcoming online educator courses. Please note that, although educator courses are listed publicly, registration is handled individually by email in order to maintain the professional focus of these courses. See the registration section of the relevant educator course for details.


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