Missing Class

Great Discourses strives to support a lifelong liberal learning lifestyle for intellectually curious adults from all walks of life by designing and offering personal enrichment opportunities of exceptional quality that are convenient as well as compelling and affordable. If you will not be able to attend one or more class sessions of a multi-week online discussion course in which you are enrolled, you have several options:

Attend Another Section of the Same Course

Many of our online discussion courses run multiple sections that meet on different days and times during the week. If for some reason you cannot attend a class session of the the section in which you are enrolled, you may be able to attend the corresponding class session of another section.

Attend Class by Telephone

If you find that you will not have Internet access during a class session, you can dial in to the online classroom using your mobile or landline telephone (telephone charges may apply). You will not be able to see the online classroom and your classmates will not be able to see you, but you still be a full participant in the discussion (just as in a telephone conference call).

View a Recording of the Class Discussion

Great Discourses generally records each of live, online class session and then makes the recording of that class available to registered participants in the course. If you miss one of your online classes — or even simply want to review what happened — you can access the recording through the course page on in the Collaboratory Online Course Center.

Forum Discussion with Classmates

You can also find out what happened in your absence by starting a course forum discussion with your classmates the course page on in the Collaboratory Online Course Center.

Student Services and Your Instructor are Here to Help

If you have questions and/or need help coping with a missed class, please contact Student Services at [email protected] or your course instructor. We’ll be glad to assist you.

P.S.: Missed Homework ≠ Missed Class!

We know that your life is busy and that you may not be able to complete all of the reading homework in advance of each class session. If you find that you are unable to complete the reading homework assigned for a class session, please participate in the class anyway, if that is at all possible. (Don’t play hookey!) You will still get a lot from the class session and you will find it easier to catch up when your busy-ness subsides.

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