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“Great Discourses connects great people with great books, great ideas, and each other in ways that often lead to great friendships among folks who otherwise would not have met. We invite you to join us.”

Adam Rose, President
Great Discourses

Brian Bowles
Columbia, Missouri, USA
“It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I was surprised at how rich the text was ... much more so than I thought it was on a quick reading.

“Solitary reading will enable a man to stuff himself with information; but without conversation his mind will become like a pond without an outlet — a mass of unhealthy stagnature. It is not enough to harvest knowledge by study; the wind of talk must winnow it, and blow away the chaff; then will the clear, bright grains of wisdom be garnered for our own use or that of others.”

William Mathews

Hunter Dunn
High School Teacher
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
“In addition to facilitating the sheer pleasure of reading and discussing books with other curious, committed adults, Great Discourses’ online seminars remind me that the best way for me to engage my students is through lively discussion of great books and ideas.”

Diane Kastiel
Writer, Editor & Storyteller
Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
“Nothing beats sitting on my back porch, sipping coffee and working my way through a great book with incredibly interesting and articulate people who I otherwise never would have met.

Rob Calvert
Software Developer
Berkeley, California, USA
“Great Discourses is a great complement to traditional Great Books discussion groups, allowing me to study important books and ideas with a thoroughness that’s simply not possible locally. That’s why I keep eagerly coming back for more.”

Ann Kirkland
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“It’s about time that inquiring adults had frequent, convenient opportunities for thoughtful exploration of a wide range of classics!”

Ronald Adkins
Retired Financial Advisor
Tacoma, Washington, USA
“I enjoy reading, but what makes it most pleasurable is to share it with others and hear their points of view.”

Nella Cotrupi
Lawyer and Educator
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Wallace Stevens once wrote that ‘the reader became the book; and summer night was like the conscious being of the book.’ I have come to think that also ‘the book became the reader and the light, the light was the first morning of the world.’”

Diniz Cayolla Ribeiro
Porto, Portugal
“Great Discourses is a great way to practice English while discussing texts that have a lot of wisdom. And the Socratic method is a very good way to learn to be precise and even change your point of view. I’m thrilled because I’ve found something really important.”

Jill Brunenn
Retired Apple Grower
Chapin, Illinois, USA
“Great Discourses marries ancient wisdom and modern technology in a way that brings the enrichment and pleasure of shared inquiry into my home. It’s a wonderful new way to interact with fellow lovers of great books.”

Melanie Blake
San Francisco, California, USA
“Great Discourses introduced me to classic authors who had spent years on my ‘to read’ list, and provided a unique opportunity to discuss universal questions about life and death with a diverse group.”

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.”


Ralph Purves
Retired Energy Utility Manager
San diego, California, USA
“With experienced leaders and expertly developed reading lists, Great Discourses is an outstanding way to connect great literature with a larger audience. I have enjoyed the classes I have taken very much.”

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